Marriage and family

We believe that strong marriages and families are the foundation of strong churches and a strong society.

Marriage Preparation Course

A healthy foundation is necessary for a healthy marriage. As a church, we are passionate that our marriages are Jesus-centered, bring glory to God, and include a mutual friendship that grows year after year.

The course is a great opportunity to get to know yourself and your partner even better to make sure you are a good fit and ready for life together. The course includes about three conversations in fours with the supervising couple and one conversation from husband to husband and wife to wife.

The course is for couples who are seriously thinking about getting married or are already engaged.

For members of the Bethel Church, only the expenses for course materials in the amount of Fr. 30.- an. For all others, additional Fr. 60.- per session will be charged.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Michael Ruppen., 056 430 15 15


more than aperitif, dress and bouquet …

The big and long-awaited day is more than just a celebration with family and friends. It is also a covenant before God. In a church wedding ceremony, a couple invites God to become part of their relationship. We accompany you, pray for your marriage and bless this new chapter of life.

Our pastors will be happy to talk with you about your wedding ceremony.

We recommend attending a marriage preparation course beforehand.

Marriage seminar

an investment in your marriage is never in vain….

As with any fire, you have to throw in a piece of wood every now and then to keep it burning. We’ll help you do that with a marriage seminar in March.

This event will be held in German.

Blessing of the children

Let the children come to me

Jesus let the children come to him and blessed them. According to this example, we also bless children. We ask God for protection and preservation, but also for His work in their lives. Of course, we also pray for the parents and thank God for the great gift He has given them.

The blessing usually takes place on the 5th Sunday of the month during the service. If you are interested, please contact the office.

Parents inputs

With these Parent Inputs e-learnings, we want to equip you to love Jesus to your children, bless them and discover the Word of God together with them.

Allianz-Gebetswoche und Gottesdienst

Am 17.01. findet kein In His Presence statt. Dafür verschiedene Gebetstreffen an unterschiedlichen Orten.

Am Sonntag, 21.01., wird es keinen Gottesdienst im GZB geben.ghfgh

Wir feiern einen Allianz-Gottesdienst um 16.00h in der Kirche St. Anton in Wettingen.