Experience what it means to celebrate Jesus with us in a Sunday service.

When and where?

We celebrate a service each Sunday.

10.00 – 11.20

Swiss German


Bethel Church
Seminarstrasse 37
5430 Wettingen

Parking spaces:
There are enough parking spaces available in the parking lot of Terrassenbad Baden. A few are directly behind the building on Nägelistrasse. These are primarily for the elderly and people with limited mobility.

Public transport:
The nearest stop (about 150 m away) is called Baden, Schwimmbad.

to the SBB timetable


Sunday 21. April

10:00 – 11:20

Gott gemeinsam feiern – with english translation, im Anschluss Bethel Café

Sunday 28. April

10:00 – 11:20

Gott gemeinsam feiern – with english translation, im Anschluss Bethel Café

Sunday 5. May

10:00 – 11:20

Gott gemeinsam feiern – with english translation, im Anschluss Bethel Café

Sunday 12. May

10:00 – 11:20
Gottesdienst mit Abendmahl

Gott gemeinsam feiern – with english translation, im Anschluss Bethel Café

What awaits you

At the beginning our Welcome Team is waiting for you. The team welcomes you and is the first point of contact for all your concerns – approach them without hesitation.

Our services consist of preaching and worship.

A typical worship service schedule looks like this:

Our church services start with a countdown. The band then goes right into a song of worshiping Jesus. This is followed by the sermon.

Our sermons pick you up where you are. They have depth and are at the same time well understandable. Faith grows by hearing God’s Word. Therefore, we love to go through books of the bible and engage with the text. In this way, you will come to know Jesus and His life-changing message even more.

We value good music and creativity. Through the singing of songs, we have the opportunity to respond to God’s speaking in the sermon. As part of this worship time, we also always take Communion, celebrating what Jesus has done for us. If you would like to avail yourself of prayer, a prayer team is available.

To make sure that everyone is up to date and knows what offers are available for them, there is a short 3-5 minute info spot.

We close the service with a worship song. Finally, God should be at the center until the end.

We start the new week with a short blessing.

After the service, of course, you will not be kicked out of the building directly, there is always the possibility to have a coffee. 😉


Your Sunday at Bethel Church

There’s a lot else going on Sunday, too….

Bethel Café Plus

From the 1st to the 4th Sunday of the month, there is a Bethel Café in the basement after the service. Various coffee variations are offered.



Every 1st-4th Sunday of the month, our GROW development path will take place for you. Start is at 11.40 in the ground floor meeting room. During these approximately hour-long meetings, you will learn more about yourself and God’s plan for you. More info at

Offers for children

Your children get to have their own worship service.

Parallel to the service there will be a Bethel Kids program for all children up to 6th grade.


For our teens

The UNTI is the meeting place for all teens in 7th-9th grade. Bible classes are held every two weeks.


On the first floor there is a parent-child room.

The service will be broadcast to this room. Should you not want to/be able to drop your child off at the Kids Program, there will be an opportunity to experience the service there.

Frequently asked questions

We don’t have a specific dress code. Come as you feel comfortable.

The visit itself costs you nothing. Coffee and snacks after the service can be paid for with TWINT or cash. It is possible to support the community through financial contributions. However, this is voluntary.

In worship we are focused on the sermon, corporate worship and fellowship with one another. Usually the preacher prays a short prayer before or during the sermon.

If you would like to join in active prayer yourself, you are invited to our In His Presence prayer evenings.

Always on the second Sunday of the month we celebrate the Lord’s Supper in worship. It is open to all who believe in the message of Jesus and follow Him.

During each service, an experienced team of prayer leaders is available to assist you. They are located in the back of the hall. You can just spontaneously approach them after the sermon during worship time and tell them your concern. Prayer teams are also available during the week who can do sanctification prayer with you. Please contact us via this link register.

Allianz-Gebetswoche und Gottesdienst

Am 17.01. findet kein In His Presence statt. Dafür verschiedene Gebetstreffen an unterschiedlichen Orten.

Am Sonntag, 21.01., wird es keinen Gottesdienst im GZB geben.ghfgh

Wir feiern einen Allianz-Gottesdienst um 16.00h in der Kirche St. Anton in Wettingen.