Overwhelmed and looking for real quality of life? – the hope and help that we ourselves receive through Jesus Christ, we gladly pass on practically.

Biblical counseling

Jesus came to save, heal and set people free (Luke 4:18-19).

Small groups or sanctification prayers are usually the best places where this is implemented. Therefore, we encourage you to join a small group or sign up for a sanctification prayer time. However, there are situations where a conversation with a trained chaplain may be necessary. In that case, you can sign up for pastoral care.

As a rule, pastoral care lasts from one to three conversations. It will be about identifying key areas in your life that are causing your condition. You will then be shown how to apply the gospel of Jesus to your situation so that healing and release can occur. The discussions are, of course, confidential.

The first call is free of charge. From the second it costs CHF 80.00 per call (90 min.). Students and apprentices pay CHF 50.00 per call.

Sign up using the contact form below. We will then be happy to contact you personally to arrange an appointment.



In good fellowship we can share about all kinds of challenges and pray together. Small groups are the place to be together and share life.



Sometimes it is worth looking at a life situation with others in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

This option offers you sanctification prayer.

Material needs

For people from the community who have acute emergency situations or want to learn to find their way out of debt, we offer free counseling.

To do so, fill out the contact form below.

We are here for you!

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Summer Specials

From July 7 to August 4, summer specials will take place in the Bethel Church.

The service starts at 09:30 with breakfast.

There will be no livestream and no translation. There is also no separate kids program.