We value community. Church is more than a worship service. Church also means that people share their lives with one another, support one another and
serve the environment.

Bethel small groups 🤍

…exist for YOU!

Each week people meet in smaller groups to learn more about God, pray, eat and have fun. We call these groups small groups – they are the heart of our church.

Sanctification 🙏🏻

…experience and take steps towards freedom.

In a prayer of sanctification, we serve you so that you take steps toward freedom. During a sanctification seminar you will learn more about sanctification and what you have learned will be applied directly.

Support 🫶🏼

Rescue | Help | Release

Jesus came to save, heal and set people free.

The hope and help that we ourselves have received from Jesus Christ, we gladly pass on practically.

Grow 🌱

Development path

God has a great plan for your life. At GROW Development Path, you have the opportunity to discover this plan, get to know us as a church, and find your spiritual home here.

Discipleship 📖

Follow Jesus…

Experience what it means to become a follower of Jesus and grow in discipleship. On our website you will find video clips, booklets, bible passages and other resources to help you with the practical implementation and further deepening of the topics.

Summer Specials

From July 7 to August 4, summer specials will take place in the Bethel Church.

The service starts at 09:30 with breakfast.

There will be no livestream and no translation. There is also no separate kids program.